Smart Online Fashion Tactics Across The Uk

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It’s hard to decide on a name, but when you hear the one, you know it.” This was when they found inspiration in an unexpected place – a viral video. “There was a viral video of an enterprising 9-year-old who started his own cardboard arcade out of his dad’s auto parts shop and he called it Caine’s Arcade. When we saw the video, it struck a chord with us and we both went ‘That’s us’.” With a belief that fashion and life should be “fun and unexpected”, the word ‘arcade’, regardless of interpretation, “suggests a place of fun and colours”. Their domain name, aforarcade, came up because of a practical need – when or were both unavailable as domain names. “So we [asked ourselves], how do we come up with a variant that isn’t cheesy, yet memorable and Google searchable? The result was” Getting Hands-On, And The Importance Of A Great Team While fast fashion labels churn out massive collections of clothes at breakneck speed, the same doesn’t happen for a smaller scale online fashion store like ARCADE. “[The] time necessary to bring each design to fruition is on average 2-3 months. There is a lot of nitty gritty details to look out for when it comes to clothing.” Behind the scenes of an ARCADE photoshoot To stay in tune with what’s trendy, Poh reveals that designs are an “everyday task” for them. “We stay relevant by keeping up with the latest trends and developments [but] it’s not hard since it’s the same content that interests us anyway. We have also built a ‘highlights’ calendar over the years and work around them. These include important festivities and lookbook shoots.” “The rest of the time, it’s all about churning good outfits and content for our customers.” And just like every other startup story, Poh and Goh needed to get hands-on with every step that goes into running a successful online store. “From ironing clothes week in week out for photoshoots to queuing up at Singpost to deliver huge bags of packages, we were also our own photographer, customer service officer, graphic designer, purchaser, marketer, finance controller, delivery guy, model even.” Behind the scenes of an ARCADE photoshoot But Poh reiterates that in spite of the difficulties that come with running an online business, they have been blessed with a “great and efficient” team.

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